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16oz Glass Milk Bottle

16oz Glass Milk Bottle

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This is the perfect party decoration. Depending on different topics of parties, you'll find them useful. They make a great gift for any occasion. These are perfect for Christmas, birthday presents, wedding parties, Valentine's Day, anniversaries, Father's Day, Mother's Day and many other situations!

  • Volume: 450ml/ 16 oz
  • Height: 65mm/6.5 inch
  • Diameter: 76mm/ 3 inch
  • other size available: as per your requirement
  • Color: clear or as per your requirement
  • MOQ: 20,000pcs
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    Why choose glass over plastic?

     1. It gives you a fresher taste of water or drink.

    2. The bottle is sleek and elegant, more environmentally friendly and healthier than plastic. Glass is better for the planet too: it’s made from all-natural, sustainable raw materials, is 100% recyclable and can be endlessly reused.

     Glass is recognized by the FOOD and Drug Administration as the only safe packaging material. Glass is made from natural, sustainable raw materials, 100% recyclable, continuously recyclable, with no degradation in quality or purity. Not only do glass bottles solve the packaging problem, but they also let you relax because you know that every sip of water you drink is the most natural taste!

     Enjoy your drink in the most comfortable and stylish 100% lead-free glass.

    The bottle don’t contain any harmful chemicals like bisphenol A, phthalates, PVC or polycarbonate, so nothing can seep into your drink when you are drinking.

     The shape is a universal glass base that provides maximum stability. Suitable for fruit juices and all beverages.

     To improve the overall drinking experience, which is highly recommended by global experts.

     Has an elegant appearance in the wine cabinet and adds aesthetics to any table with modern design.

     What’s more, their base provides maximum stability that will increase the aesthetics of your tables with their contemporary design.

     The glass solves the problem on the outside and relaxes you because you know that with every sip of water from the bottle, you’re drinking water, not the bottle! 

    Size Volume: 450 ml      Height : 16.5 cm       Diameter : 7.6 cm  Volume: 16 oz         H : 6.5 inch        D : 3 inch
    Color  Clear super-flint glass printing or customized color is also acceptable
    MOQ 20,000 pcs Less quantity is also acceptable if we have stock
    Post processing Painting, decal, silk screen, spray painting, frosting, gold stamping, silver plating etc.Customized Logo, OEM design is also available.
    Package Carton, pallet or as per your requirement
    Sample a. samples in stock:QTY: 1–5 pcsCost: freely providedFreight: collect

    Time: 3-5 days 

    b. customized samples:QTY: according to your requirement Cost : according to the specific design and productFreight: collect 

    Time: according to the specific design  

    Price  The price is just for your reference, it can be changed by the quantity or your specific requirement. Also if you need the related accessories please inquire us, we will provide our best service to you .
    POD Qingdao/Lianyungang/Shanghai 

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